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Innovative Research

Novel Approaches Conceived in the Laboratory

UCI MIND is committed to defeating Alzheimer’s through innovative research. Some promising work underway includes:

  • A proof of concept clinical trial in early Alzheimer’s disease to assess the affect of high doses of nicotinamide (a component of Vitamin B3) on neurofibrillary tangles, a key pathological feature of the disease
  • A clinical trial in Mild Cognitive Impairment to determine whether exercise can slow the progression or reduce risk for Alzheimer’s dementia
  • Prevention clinical trials targeting beta amyloid, a protein that can accumulate in a person’s brain years before they demonstrate symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease; if the disease is caught early, there just might be a way to prevent it or slow its progression
  • Modeling a person’s brain in a dish by reverse engineering donated skin cells into stem cells, which allows researchers to safely and efficiently test potential new treatments

Please join us in the fight.

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"Philanthropy allows us to perform high-risk, high-reward science, which is less frequently funded by traditional grant mechanisms."

Joshua Grill, PhD

Director, UCI MIND
Alzheimer's Researcher