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Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders

Researching ways to make memories last a lifetime™

  • UCI MIND was started 30 years ago to conduct crucial brain aging research and to educate the Southern California community on its findings
  • It is one of 30 NIH-designated Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers
  • There are 44 members of UCI Faculty from over 10 schools and departments across campus contributing to UCI MIND research
  • UCI MIND provides clinicians and scientists an integrative setting that promotes better collaboration and faster progress
  • UCI MIND conducts innovative laboratory science as well as clinical studies with research participants
  • It engages in community outreach to educate the public on advances in treatment and prevention
  • UCI MIND is nationally and internationally recognized for research excellence
  • With greater support, investigators at UCI MIND could make more rapid progress

"Today, more than 40 esteemed UCI faculty members collaborate to advance brain disease research."

Frank LaFerla, PhD

Co-Director, UCI MIND
Alzheimer's Researcher